Atypical Digital: Enabling Better HCP Engagement

Current State


Insufficient engagement strategy
Lack of effective integration tools

Data is not readily available for real-time personalization


Roadmap for customer journey and tech stack
Reorientation of data for insights and AI activation
Automation of personalization capabilities


Activate Your Data

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) improve your marketing efforts and unlock your data’s true value  through the development of actionable insights.


Merge data across all your channels into your customer profile for a more complete view of behaviors and preferences. 

Map your customer’s journey from consideration to purchase and encourage the advocation of your brand to others. 

Develop insights that lead to more effective marketing strategies. Then deploy those marketing strategies across all your channels with a coordinated message and content that resonates. 

Leverage Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be implements with your CDP to assist human intuition by helping identify and take advantage of your biggest market opportunities. 


Expand your reach with computer models that identify new prospects that look like your customers. 

Identify your best prospects out of the masses by using predictive models based on purchase behaviors and demographics.

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Optimize Your Media

Increase the sales from your marketing dollars by spending more where your actually convert. 

Monitoring data and decision making in real-time allows you to suppress audiences from receiving a message they won’t be interested in. 

Determine better customer segments and personalize marketing campaigns to each cohort. 

Retarget visitors to your site that didn’t convert. Give them a second look at the products they almost bought and give you a second chance at closing the deal. 


Let The Data Drive You

Data-driven marketing helps your business connect with your customers better than ever before. If you are ready to integrate your marketing, sales, and data operations with proven customers data platforms, Atypical Digital is ready to help you succeed.