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Conversion rate optimization, or CRO for short, focuses on getting increased results from website traffic. Sales and leads are essential to your business success. Making use of conversion rate optimization allows you to drive more volume through your pipeline.


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  • Revenue
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Client Story


Faced A Nearly Impossible Challenge

Ariat’s core e-commerce business quickly became the lifeline of the company. With COVID shutting down in-person shopping, Ariat was facing an unprecedented threat. They needed to pivot & scale FAST. 

Atypical Digital didn’t back away from the challenge

We took a deep dive into Ariat’s analytics and heatmapping tools and were able to fundamentally expand sales quality & scale.

We didn’t start with the flashy stuff. We started with the core site visitor experience. Using our deep experience in UI/UX development we focused on making sure every page & navigation element was essential. Our advanced conversion rate optimization methodology, combined with our custom dashboard development gave Ariat a high-resolution view of visitor behavior allowing them to make near real time decisions to improve visitor engagement.

Even after building a fluid visitor experience which we could evolve to maximize the likelihood of capturing high-intent leads, we worked to not only create content that would get ranked by search engines but content that would accelerate visitor conversion.

Client Solution


Ariat needed a boost in sales. If they were going to survive COVID, they needed all hands on deck to help with increasing online sales. Atypical took on the challenge to maximize conversion revenue by fully examining Ariat’s sales funnel, and finding conversion losses that leaves money on the table. Ariat’s customers found their online sales experience to be significantly improved. They now had actionable CTAs, were guided to high-impact, objection-busting content, and were delivered to a low-friction sales funnel. Then Atypical’s sales engineering gets to work. Enriched data was injected into the client analytics engine and Atypical designed intelligent automation that delivered rich, relevant customizations and insights to Ariat. By the time the sales results came in, Ariat’s sales had increased by over $4 million year over year.


Creating a data-rich sales capture environment is only one part of the solution. Ariat needed to get the right changes for its audience. Typical CRO solutions would simply move on to other problems. But Atypical Digital combined intelligent heatmaps, with its newly built analytics to create follow-up experiments that further strengthen these results.

Sales Conversion Rates Customer Experience


“Atypical Digital is one of the better digital marketing agencies I’ve worked with. Throughout the years, they took the time to fully understand our company and ours goals while proactively offering insights and options. Very creative, On-point, trustworthy and of high value to any business.”

Pongpeera (Mac) Simagrai

Ariat International

Thoughtful strategy alone doesn’t sales. It takes technical execution, continual optimization and intense data analysis to continue to grow a high-impact CRO program.

Ariat, under intense pressure to pivot it’s offering and to serve a market with radically shifting needs needed an entire overhaul. The results speak for themselves.

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