How often should you update your marketing plan?

June 16, 2022 – 5 minute read

Your marketing strategy is critical to your long term success.Once your team has created and implemented a marketing plan, it mustn’t remain without any tweaks and changes until the end of the year. Instead, as your business changes and evolves you should revisit your marketing plan regularly to ensure it meets your business objectives

Several instances call for revisiting your marketing plan. Let’s learn when it’s the right time for updates. 

  • When your marketing campaign ends. At the end of the campaign, analyze what works and what didn’t work based on the critical analysis of the campaign results, feedback from the involved marketing team members, and the key performance indicators your company sets before the campaign starts. Based on this knowledge, the marketing team can make changes to similar campaigns you will launch in the future and ensure they capitalize on learning from previous campaigns. 
  • When something changes within your marketing team or concerning your offers. Besides, if you realize that marketing channels you previously overlooked could help you drive more revenue, revisiting a marketing plan is a great way to ensure it is added thoughtfully to the existing marketing plan. 
  • Quarterly. Depending on the activities of your marketing team, you might choose to revisit your marketing plan quarterly. It should let your marketing department analyze its results based on historical data from previous years. Quarterly updates also let your team adjust the course if the plan doesn’t work.
  • Annually. Most marketing plans outline activities that should be performed for the coming year. However, it might be better to create a new marketing plan for the upcoming year rather than update the current one. 
  • Every time Marketing Tools Innovate, which is perfect for a process of change in organizations and its market offerings, also is a key weapon to win customers and markets, through the development of sustainable competitive advantage.

The frequency of updating marketing plans depends on the need of one particular marketing team and the number of campaigns they’ve planned to run throughout a year. Contact the Atypical Digital Team, we’ll help you get back on track and give you some guidance for how you should be updating it along the way.


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