Moving to AEM as a Cloud Service

AEM as a Cloud Service is the next-generation platform offering a scalable, secure, and agile technology foundation for Experience Manager Assets, Forms, and Screens. It’s a go-for solution for marketers and IT experts looking forward to focusing on innovations. Besides, your team always gets thoroughly tested new product features so that you can instantly access state-of-the-art applications without any interruption. AEM as a Cloud Service is designed to leverage the power of cloud technologies to develop and host AEM solutions. 

The main advantages of Adobe as a Cloud Service include: 

  • It’s highly available as continuous integration for updates and delivery are provided with no downtime. 
  • Businesses can also take advantage of improved user experience. 
  • There is no need to plan and execute updates manually. You get the latest innovations the moment they roll out. 
  • The cloud power will scale your servers in the peak hours of traffic and scale down when the peak is over.
  • AEM as a Cloud Service lets you stay up-to-date with the latest performance and security features. 

While planning for migration to AEM as a Cloud Service, your business can take advantage of using such tools as:

  • Cloud Readiness Analyzer (a great solution that helps you accelerate cloud service readiness assessment);
  • Content Transfer Tool (to transfer content from source AEM instance into Target AEM Cloud Service); 
  • Dispatcher Converter (to convert AMS dispatcher configurations to AEM Cloud Service);
  • AEM Modernization Tools (to implement the latest AEM features);
  • Workflow Migration Tool (to migrate asset processing workflows to the Asset Computer Service’s processing profiles).

It takes good planning, seamless execution, a trusted Adobe partner, and an experienced team that can successfully handle the latest technologies to migrate to AEM as a Cloud Service. 

Aren’t you using AEM as a Cloud Service yet? The time to migrate has come! 


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