Enterprise and mid-size companies require an agile and globally secure platform for digital transformation, but they face the following challenges:

AEM Implementation

  • Site redesign
  • Creation of custom features

AEM Version Upgrade

  • Migration to the newest version of CMS
  • Code review and refactoring
  • Implement CMS new features


  • One CMS platform to another
  • End to End management


  • with eCommerce platforms
  • with experience cloud, analytics and personalization platforms

AEM Optimization

  • Performance improvements
  • User experience optimizations
  • Content creation process optimization

AEM Platform Services

  • Consulting
  • Training and Development

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Why Choose Atypical Digital for eCommerce

There are lots of tools, resources, and information available to you. So why choose an eCommerce partner? The answer is simple: it’s more efficient. You have a business to run. Customers to care about. Your expertise is running your business. Our expertise is eCommerce. We’re purpose-built to support your existing platform or design a new one. Our partnerships give us access to tools and resources you might not have on your own. The bottom line is this: your eCommerce platform is the single most important part of your business. Make sure you do it well.

Let’s Get Started – Free Custom Analysis

We start with a custom analysis of your customer, your site, and your competition. This insight shows where you’re performing well and what areas can be improved. All of this is done with a focus on performance: by doing X you will achieve Y.

The Atypical Digital team is your AEM partner. We’re dedicated to helping our clients succeed.

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