Conversion Rate Optimization – Achieve Your Digital Targets

Atypical Digital boosts conversions and increases revenue through a scientific approach to optimization and testing. These activities are directly tied to your business objectives and target a small portion of users who see and interact with the activity you are testing. Winning activities are then pushed to be seen by all users while the team initiates the next round of testing to continually improve your digital presence.

The Process

Arrow and Bullseye Conversion Target

Objectives & KPIs

Identify goals, and business objectives, align these with Key Performance Indicators to understand how we make an impact.

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Hypothesize & Test

Ideate potential solutions, build new user experiences, and launch to real users live on your site.

Monitor & Review Icon

Monitor & Review

Monitor closely to ensure user experience is intact, data is tracking as intended, and not having deleterious impact on metrics.

Analyze Reporting & Impact

Analyze & Impact

Review results closely to identify impact of test on KPIs, and User Experience, learn for future test opportunities.

Find Solutions to YOUR Business Problems with CRO

We work with your teams’ business, design, and technical groups to drive business growth by tying your optimization and testing strategies directly to your business goals. Each Conversion Rate Optimization Program is built to power your business forward through iterative changes instead of focusing on a complete redesign.

The Atypical CRO Philosophy & Process


All Ideas Are Welcome.
Data is the Decider


User & Stakeholder Feedback
Helps Tune the Program

Conversion Rate Optimization Philosophy Wheel

Testing Should ‘Do No Harm’ &
Meet Business Goals


Consistent, Trustworthy Data
Is Required To Drive Results


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REAL RESULTS  – revenue increase in one year from this test alone

LIM College

0 %
Increased Request page information by visit Increased Apply page visits by 9%

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