We believe that, in a world of continuous change, the right strategy evolves through an early, educated assessment followed by developing, testing, and learning from previous experience. We help forge genuine human connections and relationships in new, productive ways.

So often today the beauty in human connection is lost when we log in, browse, text, click, swipe, like, and share. Feelings become metrics and the human experience is tragically muted. We do not believe that the digital ecosystem should be that way.

Technology and the solutions that come from it should be an extension of the human experience and allow you to expand your existence in positive ways rather than be constricted by them.

The Atypical Digital process Initiates, Transforms, and Accelerates the solutions your organization needs to commence and expand its digital transformation.

We start by analyzing every aspect that you and your business intersect, which inspires a new pathway, which we then validate with the business case. With our team of experts, the Initiate phase brings you the expressed goals of defining, developing, and pushing the boundaries of new products, services, and business models. Through our experiential model, we create a leaner and more agile solution. We help clients rapidly turn ideas into prototypes and finally into business opportunities.


Behavioral Research

Ideation & Innovation

Rapid Prototyping

Business Consulting

In a world that is continuously changing, we define the increasing importance of the customer experience. We don’t just build beautiful customer experiences – we take a holistic look at your organization to understand how the experience will impact each part of your business, from front end to back office. We connect and integrate complicated systems of data, analytics and insight, design the content, develop the technology and device, and deliver to the people and places that will best develop an integrated CX solution. We invite brands to work with us to put the customer at the center of your next digital transformation.

We Make Digital More Human

The Transform phase creates internal stakeholder alignment, drives adoption, and future-proofs your investment against irrelevancy, redundancy, and inconsistent experiences.


Audience Journeys

Experience Design

Content Strategy

Customer Data Architecture

Experience Engineering

Operations Planning

Enterprise Technology

Our approach analyzes users and updates personas intents and predispositions – ultimately combining the behavioral data with content, media, and technology to enable interactions at scale. By focusing on ongoing customer-focused programs across digital channels and for the customer lifecycle, the Accelerate phase enables our clients to exceed their business results and gain deeper insights about the customers at the core of their business.


Customer Data Management

Audience Strategy

Lifecycle Marketing

Content Creation

Performance Media & SEO

Reporting & Analytics


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