Transformation at scale is what Atypical’s model is aimed at helping companies successfully manage the marketing and technology that are changing consumer habits.

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Digital technology has revolutionized the way people shop and discover. To win over customers who have unlimited choices and access to information, you have to deliver world-class experiences. We have a decades-long track record creating retail environments, activations, and digital products and services that elevate brands and turn people into long-term fans and members.

Your customers are spending less and less time with traditional medias and the platforms they are drawn to, are resistant to brand-building.

This means creative ideas alone are no longer enough. Brand storytelling now requires systematic thinking, informed by the right data, to deliver the an atypical message/s through the right channels and technologies.

We believe that, in a world of continuous change the right strategy evolves through an early, educated assessment followed by developing, testing and learning from previous experience. Together we forge genuine human connections and relationships in new, productive ways.

So often today the beauty in human connection is lost when we log in, browse, text, click, swipe, like, and share. Feelings become metrics and the human experience is tragically muted. We do not believe that the digital ecosystem should be that way. 

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Site architecture & development, CQ5 (5.5), AEM6, Bootstrap 2
Paid media campaign, an email outreach program, PR, website design, & maintenance
UX / UI User Testing Creative Design Web Development
Marketing Strategy, UI UX & Interaction Design
AEM 6.0
UX / UI, Creative Design, HTML Development, CMS Implementation
SEO , AMP Page Development, Structured Data Markup, Category Page Creation,
AEM 6.0
Adobe migration
Homepage & Navigation Redesign, Social Media Campaign, Paid Media Strategy, CRO
Herschel Supply Company
consultants, marketing implementation, content &storytelling
Project Management
Site Architecture AEM Development
Website rebuild, Large catalog search, AEM Upgrade
SEO, AMP Page Development, Structured Data Markup, Category Page Creation,