Atypical Digital Delivers Amazing eComm Experiences for Your Customers

Customers make purchase decisions in a matter of seconds. Is your eCommerce platform delivering the best experience? With small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies as clients, Atypical Digital designs and implements eCommerce systems to grow your bottom line.

How Atypical Digital Does eCommerce

Create a Beautiful Experience

The shopping experience plays a crucial role in delighting your customers. Visitors should be able to navigate through their buying experience quickly. Features and functionality must be easy to understand and easy to locate.

Your Brand is Different – Your Site Should Reflect That

No one site is the same! Atypical Digital builds eCommerce solutions that are as unique as your customers and fit your specific needs. We combine your brand’s design and personality with our eCommerce experience to deliver an amazing site that keeps customers engaged and coming back for more.

Developing an eCommerce Strategy

Every online brand is only as good as the strategy and concept behind it. Do you need an open-source platform? Or are you more customized and require extra horsepower? Atypical Digital starts by evaluating the economics of your business, your goals, and then presents a matrix of possibilities with a recommended solution.

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Product Content Management

Measuring Digital Success

Integration with CDP

Order Management System

Rules, Promotion, Bundling

Internal Sourcing

EXECUTE EXECUTE EXECUTE - Did we mention execute?

Did we mention execute?

In the end, it’s all about execution. Atypical Digital has a team of solution architects, developers, project managers, and system integrators to make sure that your solution works for your customers and your internal processes. Need to integrate with fulfillment? Done. Extend the platform to your Customer Service team? No problem. The best solution only works when it works flawlessly for you. We are relentless about placing the same amount of attention, love, and care on how your eCommerce platform works internally as we do for your customers.

Why Choose Atypical Digital for eCommerce

There are lots of tools, resources, and information available to you. So why choose an eCommerce partner? The answer is simple: it’s more efficient. You have a business to run. Customers to care about. Your expertise is running your business. Our expertise is eCommerce. We’re purpose-built to support your existing platform or design a new one. Our partnerships give us access to tools and resources you might not have on your own. The bottom line is this: your eCommerce platform is the single most important part of your business. Make sure you do it well.

Let’s Get Started – Free Custom Analysis

We start with a custom analysis of your customer, your site, and your competition. This insight shows where you’re performing well and what areas can be improved. All of this is done with a focus on performance: by doing X you will achieve Y.

The Atypical Digital team is your eCommerce partner. We’re dedicated to helping our clients succeed.

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eCommerce shouldn't happen in isolation.

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