Customer Experience is a Brand’s New Battlefield. Are You Winning?

The way that consumers interact with brands is evolving. Customers expect a rich and seamless experience, across devices and time periods. Gone are the days when we perform a linear task, that is, you sit down to do something and see it through to completion. We are now in what I call the multidimensional content consumption period. I may start a task on my phone in the morning, revisit it later on my laptop, and finally complete it on the couch in the evening on my iPad. And of course throughout that time I want it to work seamlessly, on my terms. That means the brand needs to know me. My habits. What I’m interested in. What moves me to the next step. I need an AMAZING customer experience.

So ask yourself: am I giving the best customer experience? Am I winning against my competitors? Here are 3 examples that will help move your customer through their journey and deeper into your revenue stream.

1. Ultra-Personalized Content

Are you providing a custom-tailored experience for every customer? 88% of marketers in the US report that personalizing brand content results in measurable improvements, and more than half have reported a lift greater than 10%! Imagine what you’d do with an additional 10% in topline revenue. How would it transform your business? How would you reinvest it into additional customer acquisition strategies to grow even more?

2. An Omnichannel Brand Presence

Providing the best digital experience to your customers wherever they are—on whatever device they happen to be using, in whatever mode they prefer to interact with your brand—will be vital in keeping your audience engaged.

In a survey by Zendesk, 87% of customers reported that they want brands to provide a more seamless experience across channels. You should have not only a brand presence in all the right places but also a consistently excellent one that meets and exceeds expectations.

Key questions to ask yourself: am I participating and visible to my customers in the channels they prefer to communicate with me? Am I using tools or social media that allows my customers to easily talk with me in the best way for them? An example could be a text-based program that allows your customers to easily communicate with your customer service associates. It boils down to this: what are you doing to make your customers’ life easier and NOT what are your customers doing to make your life easier.

3. Immersive Experiences

Rich content, such as video, is now an expectation. AR and VR continue to see gains by forward-thinking brands who are focused on the digital customer experience. Why read 500 words or watch a video explaining product features and benefits when I can use my phone’s camera to try it on using AR and actually see how it looks? This is the new frontier of grabbing customers’ attention. How do you take your “flat” product experience and offer it in a way for a customer to digitally see it in their home? Or on their countertop? Or in their living room? 88% of companies are already using AR in some way, but not all of them are using it to drive a potential customer down the purchase funnel and into revenue. Consumers are becoming increasingly familiar with this experience. What can you do to bring your product or service into your customers’ lives in a way that is more meaningful than the competitor?


Today’s customers expect more from the brands they interact with. Cutting-edge experiences are the norm. At a time when brands are leveraging the latest technologies to reach customers in more personal and more immersive ways, it’s important to judge whether your marketing efforts are up to the task. If you’re not constantly evolving, then you’re losing. And you’re giving the competition an advantage.

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