Driving Synergies Between Paid, Earned and Owned Media

July 12, 2022

Brands that use paid media grow faster than those relying only on earned and owned media alone. At the same time, using paid media is more effective when coupled with earned and owned media. According to the International Research conducted by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), owned media (including branded websites, blogs, and social media channels) can increase the effectiveness of paid ad campaigns by 13%. Earned media (which includes online mentions, reviews, re-posts, and shares) can increase the effectiveness of paid campaigns by 26%. Using owned, earned, and paid media in a synergy proves to be the most effective for your brand’s marketing mix. 

The IPA research made further findings on the effect of emotions on driving better user engagement with a brand’s content. More specifically, the study found out that videos remain the most powerful tool in delivering stronger emotional engagement. Adding video ads to promo campaigns can leverage their effectiveness by 40% and generate more profit for an advertiser. The increased demand for using online videos and video-on-demand has significantly increased the impact of videos on consumers. 

At the same time, Nielsen reports that earned media is 88% more trustworthy than owned media alone and proves to be more effective at all stages of the consumer purchase process. The same study shows that third-party citations from credible media outlets are 38% more effective for impacting consumers at the top of the funnel. Simply put, pitching media outlets to cover a brand’s owned content has a more significant impact on consumers than using owned media alone. 

Understanding the media mix and deciding on the right combination of paid, earned, and owned media is vital for creating a healthy marketing campaign. A brand should decide which plays the major importance to its marketing strategy. Paid media provides businesses with the most control. Earned media offers little control (brands cannot control the editorial decisions of journalists and influencers in their niches) but maximum influence.

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