Marketing Automation Platform are you Ready to Change the Game

Automation is attracting a lot of attention and investment within an organization. It is an area where both CIO and CMO cross strategizes to increase operational efficiency and ensure revenue growth.

One of the most significant problems users face while interacting with marketing is the lack of communication tools and technology. Imagine replicating marketing-led tasks without repeating a manual process. The tasks such as demand generation, email campaigns, lead generation, lead scoring, lead nurture, targeting and retargeting, and lastly, Analytics and reporting; if automated, could be a great way of saving time, increasing performance, and reduce the chaos of repetitive tasks.

Marketing Automation Platform and CRM: A Perspective

CRM is more focused on impacting sales. CRM is heavily focused on lead management, moving an opportunity to a “close” stage. While Marketing Automation impacts marketing by gathering leads, qualifying them through effective lead scoring, nurturing them, and then finally pushing the qualified leads to Sales.

Marketing automation allows marketers to create all the digital marketing assets they need, such as emails, landing pages, etc. and integrates with their website. Throughout the customer lifecycle, marketing automation provides marketers with behavioral-based tracking and the tools to create automation and nurturing programs to move those prospects, wherever they may be on their journey, to the next steps, then ties all those outcomes back to the revenue in CRM.

Does your organization need a Marketing Automation Platform?

Mostly, the answer is yes. Let’s validate with answering a few questions related to these four internal situations:

  1. Define automation goals: Are we getting the right leads? Are we getting fewer leads? Is conversion our biggest problem? Should we focus more on reducing internal silos?
  2. Current marketing system: Is there distributed data across the organization? Is the current system effective in managing the existing data?
  3. The dependency of sales reps on marketing data: Effective behavioral targeting is pivotal in acquiring a customer. Do we depend solely on manual emails?
  4. Connected experience: if you have ten different tools in your marketing stack which all use unique identifiers no single source of truth, how do you ensure a seamless experience?

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