Why is AEM the best enterprise-grade CMS


Why is AEM the best enterprise-grade CMS

When looking at top of the line CMS systems, usually customers are searching for efficiency, scalability, stability, hassle-free deployment. Also help your marketing team be more productive, reducing repetitive work and complex processes. AEM delivers on all of these fronts, let’s look at some of the reasons why.

One all inclusive package

Traditional CMS systems have various building blocks (databases, asset management systems, user directories, etc.) which make installing, maintaining and upgrading your system a complex task. AEM on the other hand comes packaged in one single file and can be deployed on virtually any OS in a matter of minutes. All content, users, assets even code live inside the same included repository, making it the most versatile CMS on the market.

AEM also offers the option of cloud service, in this case AEM offers a white glove experience for your platform, no need to worry about upgrades, system stability, backups, code management or anything else.

Convenience for developers

AEM runs on Java, which has been battling for the top spot in the programming languages popularity for years, meaning finding highly qualified developers easier and making developer ramp up much quicker. Adding to the package portability developers can even have a full-fledged server running on their local machines, making testing before deploying a breeze.


Power to the marketers

One of the most important goals AEM platform set to achieve was reduce the need for IT or development team effort to maintain your website or e-commerce platform. With AEM marketers get a lot of control to create page templates, customize content, publish pages and assets, create forms, you name it. Once initial implementation is done, your marketing team will be highly efficient and reduce go-live timelines for content creation and updates.

Let’s get smart with AI

Adobe Sensei has been integrated with AEM to hep your team save a lot of time editing and choosing assets. Smart asset tags helps your team find the right assets, smart crop functionality automatically sizes images for every single target device for a consistent experience across channels. These and many other features are being added to AEM constantly making it the smartest CMS.

We Can Help

Atypical Digital is a certified Adobe partner, we can help with all your AEM needs. Whether you are starting with AEM or want to improve your current site, please reach out to us via our contact form today, and let’s talk.


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