3 Reasons to Upgrade Your AEM with an Adobe Authorized Development Partner

When making decisions that impact multiple people, projects, and teams, you’re always wondering if you’re making the right choice.

One such decision may be upgrading your Adobe Experience Manager version. The complex nature of the task can seem overwhelming: How should you upgrade? Who should lead the upgrade? What’s the benefit of upgrading?

There is a single answer to all those questions, one that comes from Adobe itself: upgrade with an Adobe Authorized Development Partner. The right Adobe Authorized Development Partner can lead your upgrade from start to finish.

An Adobe Authorized Development Partner is a company that has met the requirements to become certified by Adobe for its particular expertise. The partner enjoys various benefits of this program, all of which help them learn, sell, promote, and grow their business.

In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of working with an Adobe Authorized Development Partner, as well as three reasons to upgrade your AEM with one.

Benefits of Working with an Adobe Authorized Development Partner

Imagine that you’re working with an Adobe product and need outside help. There are two types of companies available: one you found through a Google search and the other you found on the Adobe website. Which would you trust more?

An authorized partner, one that’s recognized and certified by Adobe, brings specialized expertise of the particular product you need help with. Another company might have the same level of knowledge and experience, but there’s no way to verify it other than seeing how they do with your project, and that’s a risk you may not be willing to take.

After all, there are partners listed right on the Adobe website that you can choose from!

No one knows the product better than the people who built it, which is why Adobe’s certification program is the only one that’s relevant. Companies must demonstrate their knowledge and expertise according to the criteria set by Adobe.

There is a non-trivial fee, as well as an annual review, so you know that those who stay in this program have skin in the game.

Three Reasons to Upgrade with an Adobe Authorized Development Partner

Adobe Authorized Development Partners know the why behind your upgrade

Upgrading your AEM version is not a trivial task. If you don’t know the reason for making your upgrade, it may be better to keep it running and not break it.

Adobe Partners, however, do know the reason behind your upgrade and can help you and your team understand why you should move forward.

Each upgrade brings new features that help drive business results. These features will improve your time to market, your efficiency working with the product, the quality of your product, and your experience overall—that is, if you’re able to take advantage of these new features.

Are you able to invest the time required to wrap your head around all the new features and teach your team how to use them? You could learn from an expert instead. This way, you maximize the value you get from your upgrade by knowing how to use all the new features without spending the time learning it by yourself.

Adobe Authorized Development Partners can lead a complex technical project that involves designers, developers, and stakeholders, among others

Upgrading an AEM version often involves many different professionals with radically different skill sets. Designers, developers, project managers, DevOps, and stakeholders can be all involved in this project. Each title is an entire industry and skill set that takes years to master.

Are you ready to lead a team featuring these professionals in an AEM upgrade? Can you evaluate competent coders, designers, and DevOps?

With an influx of workers dealing with an already complex and risky task, the potential pitfalls and failures multiply. Instead of just a failed AEM upgrade, which has its own troubles, the risk now involves a group of people whom you’ve let down because you didn’t have the experience to lead a successful project.

Hiring an Adobe Authorized Development Partner will help guide you through this difficult challenge. They’ll explain what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, as well as communicate via updates throughout the process. You’ll be able to look forward to a finished result while communicating with the lead partner about updates that are relevant to you.

Adobe Authorized Development Partners allow you to do what you do best while they handle what needs to be done

You can either let the mental burden of undertaking the task of an AEM upgrade take over your daily work, or continue to do what you do best while an expert leads the way.

If your AEM has to be upgraded, hire an expert to guide you through the process! They can answer any questions you may have, take care of what needs to be done, and educate you and your team on how to use the new version.

Meanwhile, you can work on the tasks that only you can do and not be burdened with complex technical details. You’ll improve your efficiency and reduce work-related stress.

Final thoughts

An Adobe Authorized Development Partner is someone who is officially certified by Adobe. This certification process requires a financial investment, testing, meeting requirements, and an annual review.

In return, the certified company can prove to potential clients that they’re not just looking for business—they’re in the Adobe space because they belong there.

If you’re looking to upgrade your AEM version, why work with anyone else? You’ll also see the company’s name on the Adobe website, something that non-certified companies can’t say.

Gain peace of mind by hiring an Adobe Authorized Development Partner and reduce your decision-making parameters to only those certified by Adobe.

To see how Atypical Digital can help your brand improve its back-end foundation to reduce critical errors during AEM upgrades, contact our knowledgeable team of AEM upgrade specialists today!


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