Customer Connections in a [suddenly] Remote World

Navigating The New Normal

Just a few short weeks ago people were flying all over the globe, enjoying meals with friends, and filling days with work and errands. Suddenly, the world has been thrust into something we’ve never experienced in our lifetime – companies and individuals are adjusting to this new lack of mobility and connection.

Why Digital is Important, Now More Than Ever

Trade shows are canceled. In-person sales presentations have stopped. Getting a call scheduled is difficult. Suddenly the traditional rules no longer apply. How does a business survive in this new normal? By embracing the idea of digital transformation in everything you do.

**To the old school thinkers: it does not mean scanning your paper files and putting them on a server. **

It means rethinking how you conduct business with one key tenant in mind: enablement. How do you enable employees to work with one another? How do you enable messages to your customers? How do you drive sales, new revenue, and keep the lights on? Digital transformation is an idea – a spirit – that guides how you look at your business and make decisions. We all want to be faster. We all want to be more efficient. We all want to be first to market. The idea of digital is the way you enable those goals to happen.

Driving Demand Through Digital

But how do you drive demand generation during this time? As W. K. Kellogg said during the Great Depression, “Now is the time to double our advertising!” More importantly, now is the time to double the intelligence and strategy behind your advertising. It doesn’t matter if you are B2B, B2C, or some combination of the two. One thing is clear: driving demand is more important than ever. You’re competing for limited dollars – you have to be there before your competitors.

Digital targeting allows us to find your customer anywhere in the world. A compelling creative message speaks to us as human beings, driving an emotional response if even on a subconscious level.

Ask yourself the question, “What is my product or service’s authentic conversation during this time? Why should someone turn to us?” Being able to answer this question definitively is the key to successful outreach and messaging.

It’s Time to Act

Atypical Digital is here to help. We are technologists, marketers, but first and foremost, we are enablers. We help brands and companies of all sizes live at the intersection of technology, marketing, and transformation. Let us help you be better/faster/smarter. Let us help you enable your digital journey. Let us help you craft great marketing strategies and campaigns.

Let’s crush this!


Here are a few ways to think about staying in touch with customers and employees during this time:

  • Overall communication strategy. Define your position, state how you will continue operations and support. Develop specific communication points.
  • Internal communications for employees. How you’re coping with it as a business, what employees can do, what you expect of your employees, etc.
  • External communication development. What is your position, what you are doing, and how you can help.
  • Social and website communication strategy and execution. Getting your message posted on all your social and web channels.

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