Black Friday & Cyber Monday Are Right Around the Corner – Is Your Site Ready?

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Last-Minute Hacks

It’s the middle of November already. If you still haven’t pre-planned for the weekend of Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021, don’t worry. We have great last-minute tips to increase sales and improve performance…and if you can’t sneak these activities in this year, you can get a headstart on 2022.

Due to the pandemic, the biggest shopping event of the year will be different in 2021. A growing number of retailers use digital marketing and eCommerce to boost their sales. Businesses need to be sure they can handle volumes of traffic from Black Friday shoppers. Slow websites can deter customers.

Quick Black Friday / Cyber Monday Website Fixes

  • Online stores that go down during large promo events can be a disaster in terms of lost sales and lost consumer confidence. By load testing your site, you can see how it performs under various loads and you still have time to make some adjustments on the back-end.
  • You can achieve quick search visibility with PPC campaigns. If you already have some running, it won’t take you more than an hour to set up another Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion campaign. Set it up a few days before the event and keep it running during the Black Friday weekend. 
  • Adding upsells and downsells is essential. Today, spending on advertising is more expensive than ever, especially marketing, services like SEO, contact marketing;businesses can expect to pay millions of dollars a month for it. After some research on e-commerce, it was shown that only 8% use upsells and downsells, which is quite shocking as it is the best way to get the numbers, if you are running deals and promotions campaigns were money can be lost on some of the products, so it is the best way to recover from those expenses.
  • Invest in prospect campaigns in advance. Prime a contact list to anticipate the black friday and cyber monday offers through the various marketing channels such as emails, blogs or high volume text messages. Don’t be afraid to double down on your list and hit them hard, they are waiting for it. Plan an inventory, so it can reach all customers on time and consider running your promotion before and after the holidays. Due to supply issues around the world, this can help generate revenue. Also be sure to line up your advertising on your inventory, to avoid wasting ad money.
  • Extra traffic driven to your site during busy sales periods means many customers may abandon their shopping carts searching for the best deals. Using cart abandonment emails, retailers can market to customers in the purchase mode and recover abandoned sales.
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are time-limited. Some items are likely to sell out during promo campaigns. It is a perfect opportunity to use urgency tactics to inform shoppers about stock levels or the remaining time to grab special deals before they expire. 
  • Start early, finish late. It seems Black Friday and Cyber Monday promos get longer every year. There is a trend in the market to start sales earlier than competitors do. Although it is not anything unique, you can join the herd and start early. Provide early shoppers with different incentives. It may be free or 2-day shipping for orders placed before Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  

Use these last-minute tips to get the most of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!

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