Get Your Content Indexed Faster with IndexNow

IndexNow – Get Your Content Indexed Faster

For many years, one of the biggest pain points for website owners has been the time they spent waiting until search engines discovered and considered the latest changes they’d made on their sites. It could last from several days to weeks until the URL changes got indexed. As a result, websites lost traffic, customers, and money. The situation is about to change with the launch of IndexNow

It is a new protocol created by Microsoft Bing and Yandex. With its help, websites can directly notify search engines whenever changes are applied to the URL addresses of their pages or when a new piece of content is created or updated, etc.

IndexNow is an innovative initiative for a more open Internet. By notifying one search engine, a website owner can also update all search engines that have adopted IndexNow. Currently, Microsoft Bing and Yandex have fully adopted the initiative. Google is not an active IndexNow participant as of yet.

The new protocol is easy to maintain for developers and non-developers alike. It’s already adopted or is about to be adopted by many popular platforms. More specifically, such large websites as eBay, LinkedIn, MSN, GitHub, and Bizapedia have implemented Microsoft Bing Webmaster URL submission API and are planning the migration to IndexNow. It’s also expected the new protocol will be adopted by all Web Content Management Systems (including WordPress, Wix, and Duda), Content Delivery Networks (like Cloudflare and Akamai), and key players in the SEO industry (Botify, Oncrawl, Onely, and Yext). Even Google is working on an IndexNow integration as we speak. 

IndexNow is about to make the Internet more open and efficient. It can revolutionize the industry while letting websites get their content indexed faster, using fewer resources. It makes sense to implement the new protocol if your blog or website needs quick indexing.


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