10 Features Enhancing Customer Experience Management in AEM 6.5

Did you know that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for better customer experience (CX)? Enhancing customer experience is key to meeting consumer expectations and standing out in today’s competitive marketplace. There are many moving parts when it comes to delivering an exceptional digital experience, and AEM 6.5 has robust features to help you efficiently manage it.

The Five Pillars to Successful Customer Experience Management (CXM)

There are five critical pillars in building and supporting an outstanding CX at every stage of the customer journey. These help ensure that you’re delivering the right content to the right audience in the right place and at the right time to fully optimize your marketing ROI.

  • Real-time customer profile and personalization: Leverage insights from all available customer data to build a 360-degree profile. This will help you deliver a relevant and personalized experience based on a customer’s real-time interactions with your brand.
  • Content velocity: Harness a large amount of content, streamline workflows and facilitate collaboration among teams so you can respond to fast-changing market trends and deliver highly targeted experiences at scale.
  • Cross-channel orchestration: Design, connect, deliver, and manage experiences across various customer touchpoints (e.g., website, mobile app, social media, etc.) to maintain a consistent brand experience throughout the customer journey and progress prospects down the sales funnel.
  • Intelligence: Use artificial intelligence and machine-learning applications to process a large amount of customer and market data, then apply the insights to aid content distribution.
  • Ecosystem: Use an asset management platform that integrates with third-party software and services so you can create an ecosystem that will enable you to customize various features to meet different marketing objectives.

Ten AEM 6.5 Features for Enhancing Customer Experience Management

AEM 6.5’s latest features support the five critical pillars for effective customer experience management. Here’s how:

  1. Connected Digital Asset Management (DAM): This central cloud-based hub allows teams to organize, store, and retrieve rich media from anywhere. It enables your team to get the assets they need, when they need them, in order to increase content velocity and respond to market conditions in an agile manner.
  2. Adobe Stock Integration: This allows you to access millions of high-quality images, templates, videos, illustrations, and vectors so your marketing teams can create assets much faster. This helps increase content velocity while ensuring that the same images used across different channels deliver a consistent experience.
  3. Brand Portal: You can share assets with external agencies and partners efficiently without giving them access to the DAM platform. Since most brands work with multiple agencies on marketing campaigns at different touchpoints, this feature helps enhance cross-channel orchestration and ensure a consistent omnichannel brand experience.
  4. Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target Integration: Powered by Adobe Sensei (an AI application), Adobe Analytics can generate insights from customer profile data, and Adobe Target can deliver a highly personalized customer experience when they’re integrated with AEM.
  5. Single Page Application (SPA) Editor: Marketing teams can quickly build and edit web pages to increase content velocity and deliver dynamic content (e.g., based on the users’ locations, browsing behaviors, or purchase history) to deliver a highly personalized experience that meets customer expectations.
  6. Advanced Fluid Experiences: When integrated with Adobe Analytics, this feature helps deliver dynamic and personalized digital experiences by ensuring that content can be coordinated and flow quickly across various media channels.
  7. Smart Crop: Powered by Adobe Sensei, Smart Crop can resize videos and images automatically to meet various size requirements for different marketing campaigns to enhance cross-channel orchestration and content velocity.
  8. Headless Content Delivery: This is a single repository that allows users to manage and reuse digital assets. You can then publish them to the web, mobile apps, and SPAs to deliver a consistent and personalized experience across channels without compromising content velocity.
  9. Digital Form Management: Adobe Sensei can automatically convert legacy PDF forms and traditional input fields to digital, mobile-responsive, adaptive forms so you can deliver a seamless user experience no matter what devices your customers use.
  10. Software Integration: AEM 6.5 allows you to create an ecosystem of your favorite tools by integrating it with other applications in the Adobe Experience Cloud and third-party services, such as AWS, Facebook Connect, Salesforce, etc., to streamline workflows and improve efficiency. You can also work with an experienced AEM partner to set up custom integrations.

Deliver an On-Brand and Outstanding Customer Experience with AEM 6.5

The latest version of AEM has robust features that will help you deliver outstanding CX across all channels to engage with your audience. However, with so many features and integrations to juggle, enhancing customer experience management on AEM is often easier said than done.

To make sure you get the most of this enterprise software solution, work with a trusted AEM partner that has extensive experience implementing AEM upgrades for clients to meet a variety of marketing goals. This will ensure that you’re distributing the right content to the right audience at the right time through the right channel to optimize your brand’s digital experience.

Atypical Digital is an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Preferred Partner specializing in helping enterprise brands leverage Adobe’s AEM platform to enhance their customer experiences across various digital channels, speed up their digital marketing content publishing process, and drive more engagement.

To see how Atypical Digital can help your brand maximize its investment in AEM to truly enhance your customer experience, contact our knowledgeable team of AEM upgrade specialists today!


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