Adobe AEM Upgrade Financial Incentives Breakdown

“Content is king.” —Bill Gates, 1996 The world we live in today proves how true Bill Gates’s statement is.Any company seeing success in online business knows the importance of content. According to Demand Metric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional advertising and generates three times as many leads. There are financial incentives for creating and delivering great content for any business concerned with growing their business online. It’s also not a secret that there is intense competition on the web. Everyone is looking to become the next hub for online traffic or to continue to maintain and grow their traffic. This is why it’s so important to seek out any and every competitive advantage. One advantage you can have over your competition is to leverage the latest features from Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Each update to AEM enhances performance and UX and greatly increases productivity and time to market. By taking advantage of new AEM features, you can deliver higher quality content and digital experiences more frequently and with less effort than your competition. Let’s go over how upgrading your AEM version can lead to more revenue for your business.

Save time working with assets with new AEM features

Time is money, and managing assets in content creation can create productivity bottlenecks in a few different ways. Requiring collaboration between team members or groups naturally creates bottlenecks due to the nature of collaboration. Manually searching for the right asset can take time because you’re trying to find the right fit for your content. Delivering assets to different platforms and tools can also take time because this is a technical task, and problems can easily arise when technology is involved. For AEM users, Adobe has created new features—and thus, financial incentives—for working with digital assets that solve these problems. The new core component library and development pattern saves time for developers and makes the application ready for future upgrades. Asset check-out allows you to lock, edit, annotate, and publish your asset so no one can override your work without your permission. Brand portal allows you to easily and securely distribute assets to different brands and groups. Different teams won’t have to wait as long for their assets because AEM has created an easy way to distribute the necessary assets to whoever needs them. One common challenge related to delivering assets to users is the number of different devices that need to be supported. Every phone, laptop, computer, and tablet is a different size and has different requirements. You don’t want to send the largest desktop file to a phone, as that won’t be efficient. The latest version of AEM uses dynamic media to deliver the perfect asset for each device. You no longer have to consider every device when creating content. When it comes to searching for the perfect asset for your content, you might face a ton of options, which makes it hard to make a final decision. AEM helps solve this problem with digital asset search. This uses Adobe’s proprietary artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms to deliver the most relevant and perfect assets without having to scroll through an endless list of options. Adobe knows what holds content creators back, and they’ve addressed these challenges with new features that allow for easier management of assets.

Improve the productivity of your developers

AEM is an advanced technical platform, and skilled developers are required to find the financial incentives and maximize the value you get from it, but they aren’t cheap to hire. The average pay for a software engineer in New York City is over $97,000. One financial incentive for upgrading your AEM version is to maximize the value you get from your developers, since you’re paying so much for them. The latest version of AEM brought a slew of great features that are made just for developers. Single-page applications, GraphQL and HTTP APIs, headless CMS, and new components are all cutting-edge features that get developers excited to experiment and create. New ready-to-go components will also make it faster to test out new ideas. By being able to create different digital experiences more easily, you’ll have a higher number of iterations on your ideas than your competition, which will allow you to find the winning idea quickly.

Create faster websites for better conversion

By taking advantage of these new developer features, your digital experiences will have more potential for creativity. Single-page applications can deliver app-like experiences that load faster for users. Website speed is huge for conversion rates. According to radware, Walmart had a 2% conversion increase for every one-second improvement in speed. cut their load times in half and increased their conversion by 9%. There’s no longer a discussion of whether page speed is important to conversion rate—it’s essential.

Final thoughts on AEM’s financial incentives

Adobe continues to innovate on its CMS of the future, and each new version brings plenty of reasons to upgrade. Besides financial incentives, the main idea behind the added features is to empower their users to create better digital experiences with more efficiency. Their assets tools help save time with tedious tasks involved in working with assets. The latest developer features will get developers excited about the technical potential and allow you to create faster websites, which in turn, increases conversion rates. By upgrading AEM, you can take advantage of any new features, which will give you a competitive advantage in the world of content creation and digital experiences. Atypical Digital is an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Preferred Partner specializing in helping enterprise brands leverage Adobe’s AEM platform to optimize their platforms for productivity and efficiency, free up IT-related tasks to make teams more productive, and maximize AEM stability and security. To see how Atypical Digital can help your brand improve its backend foundation to reduce critical errors during AEM upgrades, contact our knowledgeable team of AEM upgrade specialists today!


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