A data strategy is critical to any business. Ensuring that data is trustworthy is key to driving insight. Our team works alongside your existing data, marketing, and operations teams to ensure your delivery of data that is:


Your data is collected at all points of the customer journey, regardless of context or channel.


The information you collect is actionable, and you can understand the indications the data provides.


You can deliver the proper insight at the right time to the right stakeholders across your organization.


Atypical achieves the goal of driving truly data-informed and data-driven decisions through a consistent 4-step process:


First, we make sure we have a consistent baseline regarding the data and activity in your organization. With this information, we can isolate issues, prevent gaps, and drive further insight for you and your teams with a thorough analysis of the Marketing Technology and Measurement tools, processes, and people.


Next, our team begins the work to help fill in the moments of your customers’ journeys that are currently either untracked, deemed untraceable, or out of reach of your current marketing technology solutions. This solution will focus on getting your teams the proper tooling, process, and skills that will be required to drive your insight-oriented transformation.


Next, alongside your existing team, our team will work with you to help integrate, implement, and test the updated solutions proposed. We drive change by ensuring the proposed solutions are not only functional but meet the rigorous requirements outlined in the initial audit to provide value for your teams.

Monitor & Maintain

Measurement and data strategy are not a destination but operate more like a river. Your data strategy will change over time based upon the needs, channels, and contexts in which you interact with your customers. Legal compliance updates and further adjustments based upon new and changing laws are also required to ensure your business operates at its best. Our team helps you run better by providing updated insights and recommendations monthly to achieve these goals. Consistent, reliable maintenance means that rather than investing the massive amount of time, money, and resources typically required for transformation projects, you can rest assured that your team is ready for the challenges of your business.





Assess Your Strategy Position

To determine where your firm falls on the data-strategy spectrum, select the eight objectives that are most important to your business. (Select only eight.)


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