Web Design & Development: Step Up Your UX Game

You Need A Better Website. Your Customers Expect It.

That’s right, we said it. You need a better website. Because if you’re not constantly thinking about how to make your website better, it means you’re not thinking about how to satisfy your customers. And chances are, someone else will.

Atypical Digital is a modern technology agency that creates beautiful websites for your customers with platforms that make it easy to manage. We combine the science of user experience with our team of art directors and copywriters to give your customers a brand experience they will love. We build it with our team of developers and engineers to make sure it works flawlessly. And that results in a better brand experience. 

What Makes a Great Website?

Why does one website capture our attention and dollars, while another leaves us wanting? Was it the beautiful photography?  Was it the messaging?  Was it that the shopping cart updated exactly as expected?  Chances are, it was a combination of all those things and more. So, what are the basics of a great web experience?

  • Intuitive navigation:  I can find what I need
  • Clear messaging:  I know why I’m here
  • An emotional pull:  I’m glad I’m here
  • Mobile friendly:  it works on my phone just as well (or better!)
  • Speedy:  I didn’t have to wait for it to load

Atypical Digital looks at all these dimensions to design a brand experience that delivers your message while delighting your customers.

Uncovering Your Site’s Greatness

We approach all web projects with an iterative and collaborative process. We’ll uncover the goals, aspirations and needs for both you and your customer.  We put ourselves in the user’s place to ask “Can I find what I need?”  We will dive into your brand to understand what it stands for and how it’s perceived, then translate what we uncover into an authentic online experience.

Your Customer Is Thinking “I Want It My Way”

It’s been said a million times, but just in case you need to hear it again: your site must work on all devices. Your customers live in a world where a task can be started in the morning while at the office, they check in on it during lunch on their mobile, and finish it that evening while on the couch. You have to be there when they want you across all platforms and devices. It’s not optional.

From WordPress to Adobe Experience Manager and Everything In-Between

Atypical Digital designs and develops websites for companies of all sizes. From small to midsize businesses, to the world’s Fortune 100 list, our team will create a beautiful experience with a back-end to meet your needs. We work in WordPress, Adobe Experience Manager, SiteCore, Drupal, Joomla, and just about everything else. We’ll recommend the right solution for you or we can start working in the technology you already have.

Don’t Take Our Word for it, Look at These Examples

We don’t like to brag, but we do like to celebrate our success. We have the privilege to work on these sites everyday:

Let’s Get Started

Interested in learning more? We’re interested in learning more about you! Let’s have a chat and talk about what we can do together. We’re dedicated to helping our clients succeed.


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